Application Submission

I. Exam Application

In order to sit for the 2017 exam, all prerequisites and the completed application must have been submitted along with the application/exam fee by Nov. 14, 2016. Applicants will have until May 14, 2018 to submit complete oral appliance therapy cases.

Application / Exam Fee $995.00

Fee payable in US dollars, drawn on a US bank.  

Important Note: Applicants who pass the examination but do not submit cases that follow the 2017 certification guidelines by May 14, 2018 will be unable to obtain Diplomate status and will not be entitled to a refund of the examination fee. Passing the examination but failure to submit sufficient cases will result in beginning the application process over by resubmitting a new application and fee

II. Dates and Deadlines

November 14, 2016 Deadline for postmark on prerequisites and examination fee
January 13, 2017 Notification of application acceptance 
January 30, 2017 Deadline for withdrawal and $395 refund 
March 26 - April 9, 2017 Examination window
June 16, 2017 Notification of 2017 examination results 
May 14, 2018 Deadline to postmark cases for those who pass the 2017 exam 
July 31, 2018 Notification of acceptance for cases 

III. Case Submission

Applicants must submit their cases in an organized manner. Documents must be oriented appropriately, dated, labeled, sequenced correctly according to the Application Outline, and easily legible. All radiographs and photographs must be individually dated with the date of exposure. Only the documentation identified in these guidelines need to be included with an application. Additional materials, such as completed patient questionnaires and physician prescriptions, are unnecessary unless specifically requested by the Board of Directors and will delay the acceptance of your cases.

Case documentation must be submitted in a digital format on a USB flash drive mailed to the ABDSM via traceable carrier (i.e. FedEx, UPS, etc.) to insure against loss. Do not send case documentation by email or any other remote file transfer method. Mail flash drives to:

2510 N. Frontage Rd.
Darien, IL 60561

It is strongly advised to have a backup copy of the completed application for your own records as applications will not be returned. The ABDSM will send acknowledgment of receipt of the application to each applicant via email. If such notification has not been received by November 30, 2016, please contact the ABDSM office via email (info@abdsm.org). Do not call the office for this information as receipt of applications cannot be verified by telephone.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the prerequisites and case documentation are postmarked on or before the stated deadlines. NO EXCEPTION WILL BE MADE TO THIS REQUIREMENT. BEFORE YOU SEND YOUR APPLICATION BE SURE IT IS COMPLETE TO THE LAST DETAIL AND IN THE CORRECT ORDER.

IV. Policies


Applicants who have previously sat for the certification exam and wish to reapply the following year must resubmit a copy of their current dental license if it has since expired, pay a reduced fee of $695, and provide documentation to verify they have earned at least twenty (20) ADA CERP recognized or AGD PACE approved credits in dental sleep medicine provided by a dental sleep medicine focused non-profit organization or accredited dental school. Of the twenty (20) required CE credits, up to ten (10) credits may be AMA PRA Category 1 Credits in sleep medicine. Credits must have been earned between May 1, 2016 and March 1, 2017. Continuing education verification and a valid dental license must be submitted by March 1, 2017. Applicants will not be able to retake the exam should they be unable to meet any of these requirements. Old application materials will not be kept on file at the ABDSM office. Do not call the office to inquire about applications submitted the previous year.

Refunds and Withdrawals

If the ABDSM does not accept the application for examination, $395 will be refunded to the applicant. If notification of withdrawal from an accepted applicant is received at the ABDSM office on or before January 30, 2017, $395 will be refunded. An applicant whose notification of withdrawal is received by the ABDSM office after January 30, 2017 is not entitled to a refund, except when the withdrawal is the result of a documented emergency. The applicant may apply for an emergency late withdrawal refund of $395 by submitting proper documentation of the emergency.

Applicants with Disabilities

The ABDSM recognizes that individuals with disabilities may wish to take the examination and will make reasonable accommodations for applicants with verified disabilities. The ABDSM supports the intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Applicants are reminded, however, that auxiliary aids (and services) can only be offered if they do not fundamentally alter the measurement of skills or knowledge the examination is intended to test (Americans with Disabilities Act, Public Law 101-336). Applicants who request accommodations due to a disability must advise the ABDSM in writing no later than January 13, 2017. The applicant may be asked to submit appropriate documentation of the disability and a description of previous accommodations provided during other examinations. If the ABDSM deems it necessary, an independent medical assessment may be requested at the expense of the ABDSM.