New 2021 Diplomates and International Certificants

The ABDSM congratulates you on recently attaining status with the ABDSM.

The ABDSM requires all Diplomates and International Certificants to comply with its rules and guidelines. The official ABDSM Rules and Guidelines are included with the notification of exam results. Please carefully review the rules and guidelines and sign them to indicate you will abide by them. You will need to save a copy to your computer so you can upload a signed copy to the ABDSM.

Use the form below to submit your signed copy of the ABDSM Rules and Guidelines and complete your Diplomate or International Certificant profile:

Access Form

After submitting signed rules and guidelines and completing the profile, ABDSM Diplomates and International Certificants are listed in the ABDSM’s public-facing Find-a-Diplomate directory and receive a framable certificate of status.

Additionally, the AADSM recognizes Diplomates and International Certificants who are AADSM members in its Find-an-AADSM-Dentist directory with a special icon denoting the status. Please allow up to two weeks following submission for the directories to be updated and the certificate to be mailed.  International Certificants receive their certificates via email.
Maintaining certification over time requires ongoing CE and payment of an annual administrative fee to the ABDSM. Click here for more information on Maintenance of Certification.